Starting Line Driver's Edge 

The SCCA Starting Line program has introduced thousands of students to autocross, and now brings you the Driver’s Edge Experience to help drivers at all skill levels – ranging from novice to experienced veterans – get competitive at National-level events.

The SCCA Starting Line Driver’s Edge uses a team of successful autocross veterans who remember what it was like the first few times they pulled up to the starting line to make a run on the big stage of national-level competition. Those instructors will walk you through what to expect during the full experience, from registration and driver’s information to actually making those runs on course.

What will I learn?

In short, you’ll be given the tools and an explanation of the ins and outs of a Tire Rack Championship Tour event, with the information to conquer the event without the intimidation factor that comes with something new. Our instructors will walk you through the event supplemental regulations, talk about run/work assignments, teach you how the grid works, what to do at impound, and the information available to you at the driver’s information center.

Most importantly, our championship-level instructors will take you on a course walk to learn the nuances of that course and the standard elements you’ll most often see, and you’ll get professional instruction on the Test N Tune course to knock off some rust and improve your driving when official runs begin!

Who is this for?

Anyone entered in a given Tire Rack National Tour event is able to participate on the Friday prior to the selected National Tour event. It’s a great opportunity for a driver looking to make a jump from running local events to trying their hand on the National stage, or for those who have taken some time away to come back to the sport they love. The level of available instruction, however, means the event is also a great way to get some pointers for even the most experienced of autocrossers!

What’s the cost?

The SCCA Starting Line Driver’s Edge is available to anyone already entered in the National Tour for just $95. This does not include the National Tour entry fee – which is an integral part of the Driver’s Edge experience.

When is the program?

The Driver’s Edge Experience takes place at all regular season Tire Rack National Tour events. Coaching and instruction begin at 8:45 a.m. on Friday and continues through the weekend with additional tips, tricks and pointers. Check the registration page for your chosen event for more information and to register for Driver's Edge.