Want to drive your car at speed on track? Learn more about car control? Push your precision driving and car control skills? Get trackside as a racing official? Race within inches at triple digit speeds? 

This is where you find your fun. 

SCCA offers automobile enthusiasts of all types - the casual, the hard core, the technical and the social opportunities for all levels of interest. 

In order to find specific types of events close to you, look no further. Follow the two steps below to find events near you. 


Step 1: Click the box beside the events you want to find. 

RoadRally is a senic drive with a purpose. Find a friend and see the sights, all while traveling precise routes in a precise amount of time. 
  Autocross takes a large parking lot or airport, makes a mini road course with cones and sees who can get through it the quickest.
RallyCross is like autocross, but on dirt. Speeds and danger is minimized while fun is maximized. 
Track Events include everything from the relaxed non-competitive Track Night in America to Time Trials, where the goal is to see who can turn the fastest lap. 

Road Racing is wheel-to-wheel racing where drivers go door-to-door to see who can make it to the finish line first.  



Step Two: Type in your Zip Code and click the search button. 



SCCA Starting Line and SCCA Track Night in America are great introductions to motorsport enthusiasts of all experience level...