USRRC Is Nearing: Don’t Miss This One

Like driving? Enjoy time with friends? Looking for a challenge? The 2023 SCCA® United States RoadRally Challenge® (USRRC) is not far off, and if you enter, the three National-level RoadRallies that make up this event will fill all your buckets – and more – in just three days.

There’s a lot to the USRRC – especially this year – so just like on any SCCA RoadRally, you’ll need to pay attention to all the details before committing to the journey. But commit you should, because this event that straddles the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border on Oct. 20-22, 2023, is one you won’t want to miss.

The 2023 USRRC begins in Exton, PA, with the Pennsylvania Region-hosted 50th Anniversary Little Appalachian National Course Rally on Friday, Oct. 20. It’s across the state line to Vineland, NJ, for the next two USRRC RoadRallies, with Saturday’s Up The Creek National Course Rally and Sunday’s The Jersey Devil National Tour Rally both hosted by South Jersey Region.

Don’t know the difference between a Course and a Tour RoadRally? Click here. And for those who had to click that link, there’s something you’ll also want to know about the USRRC weekend: There’s a Regional LITE version taking place alongside the USRRC that might be something to consider.

The three Regional LITE RoadRallies run parallel to the USRRC and are intended for those looking to take steps into SCCA RoadRally competition. That’s not to say you can’t be new to the sport and enter the USRRC instead – many new to the sport do exactly that every year – but for 2023, the Regional LITE RoadRallies present an option.

Registration for the USRRC is $95 per RoadRally, or $260 for those opting to compete in all three. The Regional LITE, which does not count toward the USRRC or National points, is $65 per RoadRally, or $170 for those competing in all three Regional LITE events. And since the USRRC and Regional LITE RoadRallies take place parallel to each other, you can’t enter both taking place in the same day – a mix-and-match approach through the weekend, however, is certainly an option.

Be it the USRRC or Regional LITE RoadRally, registration is open through 11:59 p.m. ET on Oct. 18. Click the link below to sign up, as well as to discover more information about the Oct. 20-22, 2023, weekend, including event classes, rules, host hotels, and more.

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Photo by James Heine