Bowman, Keefe Receive WOT RallyCross Nats Scholarships

The SCCA Women on Track Rallycross Committee has announced the recipients of this year’s SCCA Women on Track Rallycross Nationals Scholarship. The scholarship is provided to aid Regional competitors with travel to the 2022 SCCA RallyCross National Championship held at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, CO, on Sept. 23-25.

This year’s recipients are Continental Divide Region’s Kelly Keefe and Tennessee Valley Region’s Shawna Bowman.

"Attending the RallyCross National Championship has been something I have wanted to do for several years, but I have not yet had the opportunity for various reasons,” explains Keefe. “While Colorado is my home base, I am temporarily living in Seattle and traveling back for this event. The financial benefit from this scholarship would definitely help with traveling across the country. It would mean that I could focus on getting there and racing, and not worry about the rest.

“My goals for this event are growth based,” Keefe adds. “I am very excited to attend a National-level competition for the first time. It will be very enlightening to see where I need to be and what improvements I can make for future competitions, regardless of the outcome."

Like Keefe, Bowman will be traveling a great distance to attend the 2022 RallyCross National Championship.

"I live in East Tennessee, so the cost in gas to get there, entrance fees, lodging, food, and the cost to get back will be greater than I can afford on my own,” Bowman reveals. “I have never had the opportunity to compete in a National event due to funding issues. I have also never been able to visit any state in the midwestern to western U.S., so that opportunity alone would be amazing."

More information on SCCA Women on Track can be found here, with SCCA RallyCross and RallyCross National Championship information located here.

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Photo by Chaz Smith, courtesy Shawna Bowman (Shawna Bowman will soon be heading to her first RallyCross National Championship event.)