Are you ready for Tech?

Tech is supposed to be fairly quick and easy for you, the participant, as well as the people performing the tech inspection.  In an attempt to help this be the case, we are putting together a quick list for you to check at home before heading to the big dance in Lincoln, Nebraska this year. If you take a few moments and read through the list below, and verify you are ready before leaving home, it could possibly save you both time and heartache in the tech line. The fine folks in Tech thank you!

  1. No competing sanctioning bodies on your car, stickers or otherwise.  This one should be self explanatory.  If it is applied in such a way that it cannot be removed, covering it is an acceptable resolution.  Blue painters tape will be available on site, but having this done beforehand will go a long way in keeping the time in the tech line down for you, and everyone else. 
  2. Numbers must have adequate contrast and size.  Please make sure your numbers are of legal size (at LEAST 8”-tall numbers, and 4”-tall class designation). Along with that, having proper contrast to the car is paramount to the speed of the overall event.  The numbers should be easy to read from a distance to help corner workers do their job quickly while reducing the possibility of errors. 
  3. If you are running a harness, the belts must be properly rolled around the harness/roll bar.  If they are not, you will be asked to fix it before tech can pass you. The preferred method of install is found in section 9.3.18 of the GCR.  Figure 2 gives a great visual example. Click here to go to the latest GCR PDF.
  4. The Tire Rack banner must be displayed correctly.  To double check that you have it displayed correctly for your application, you can click here.
  5. Lastly, the fine folks at tech simply ask that you nut and bolt the car prior to leaving for Nationals.  Please take a moment to double check your battery tie-down is correct, in place, and is holding the battery still. Check wheel bearings, that you have all your lug nuts in place and secure (and that you have no broken/missing studs), and that all your fluid levels are where they should be and are fresh.  We ask that you do this for your own peace of mind, the car’s health, and so the event has less potential stoppages for cars breaking on course. 

In the event that something goes awry in transit or on site and you need a part, fasteners or help, here are a few links to various shops and stores in the area that may come in handy:

Fastenal: 3201 N 23rd St #1, Lincoln, NE  P: (402) 476-7900

Speedway:  340 Victory Ln, Lincoln, NE   P:  (800) 979-0122

CarQuest:  140 Capitol Beach Blvd, Lincoln, NE  P: (402) 475-0010

O’Reillys:  120 O St, Lincoln, NE  P: (402) 475-1166

LKQ:  3450 N 35th Cir, Lincoln, NE  P:  (800) 223-7020

Neighborhood Brake Center: 3920 N 27th St, Lincoln, NE  P: (402) 466-0402 (MUCH more than a brake shop.  Performance shop that does top level custom headers and so on.)

The shop: 3200 N 33rd St, Lincoln, NE  P: (402) 464-2600

Sublime Speed Technologies: 13432 L St, Omaha, NE  P: (402) 597-9308